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In order to guarantee the tour’s quality promised to our clients from Los Angeles State, we often make unsuspected inspection or request for a fam trip from our partners. Recently, we have been to the central coast of Viet Nam from Oct 18th to Oct 21th. The itinerary’s objective is to survey new services and the attractions of Da Nang – Hoi An – Hue.
If you consider travel to Vietnam, there are many destinations for you to explore in the Central Vietnam. It is famous for a plenty of scenic road, history place (My Son holly land, Hoi An Ancient town, Complex of Hue), traditional culture and local cuisines in Hoi An and Hue as well.
On the first day, we arrived in Hoi An. Tour guide and driver is wait us at lobby and ready to transfer to Coconut forest. An amazing day trip! we seat in in basket boat at Bay Mau coconut water forest in Cam Thanh village. This area has about 7000 m2 of freely grown water coconut and was the place chosen by Viet Cong (North’s Vietnam solider) in war to hide away from enemy. The fisher man shown how to catch river crab that is hidden behind the coconut tree. We were received souvenirs made by coconut leaves, they are really an artist. Sometimes, the man sing a folk song, and the woman on other boat reply him by folk song too. How it interest is despite I can not understand. 
After the exploring forest, we back to prepare for our own lunch with a local family. The host taught we how to make spring rolls and Banh Xeo (pancake).
Travelling to the Central Vietnam, you cannot miss to visit Da Nang – the most livable city in Vietnam, Hoi An – the ancient Town near Thu Bon river, Hue city – the Land of mystical spiritual things near Perfume river. And special we high light recommended drive through the most scenic road – Hai Van Pass – the mountain pass connect Hue and Danang – Hoi An.
Our group chose explore this majestic road from Hoi An to Hue by car offered by our partners Huracars transfer services – A new start-up company since 2016 managed by Hoang Vo, a young man I met in Sept in Bangkok - ICTP and Inclusive Tourism. Huracars offer tailor tour and private car transfer between Hoi An and Hue, Hue – Da Nang, and Phong Nha as well. The most different of their services is th driver can speak English, why is it special? Vietnamese use their mother tongue, and It’s difficult to communicate with the local people to ask directions, restaurant…. The 2nd reason, if you rent a professional tour guide, you pay more 30 – 40 USD/ day trip. So choosing a private car transfer with English speaking driver is best way to explore scenic road.
On second day in Central Vietnam, we travel from Hoi An to Hue by car. First stop is Marble Mountain. – A range of 5 mountain in the south of Da Nang city. The local say that it is symbol of 5 element: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Eart, which make survival. Here is complex of the cave and pagoda. According to our driver, the caves is used to as a hospital, school and the local people live there to hide away from enemy.
Drive along My Khe beach, we also stop to take pics, but we are not lucky, it’s cloud and we can not swim. Lang Co beach in Hue area is another choice, so we continue to drive to Hue through Hai Van Pass. Hai Van is a mountainous stretch of road between Da Nang and hue city. On days when vapor from the South Sea rises into the forests and clings to the top of the mountain. Hai van pass is frontier: a boundary between kingdoms in the past, climate, often fought over, economic and voice
The final destination is Lap An lagoon. The best time to explore Lap An Lagoon is sunset, when the sun go down after the Mountain. The landscape at this time is extremely fanciful. No wind such as Lang Co beach, it is the smooth water surface looks like a mirror. Traveler take advance to enjoy delicious seafood that made of oysters with ginger, sweet and sour oysters, fish or shrimp from lagoon.
Lunch at local restaurant leads to the end of our fam trip from Hoi An to Hue. We arrive Hue city around 15h30. Check in hotel and prepare for visit Hue on next day and flight back to Ha Noi capital.
It was a very unique experience and Huracars team gives us the opportunity to discover these 2 cities in a different way.  
Exploring Hue countryside – read more on next post.